Joel Meyerowitz, 2017

I recently heard Joel Meyerowitz speak at Celebration of Photography 2017. I could listen to this guy for days.

Joel doesn’t talk too much about technique or gear. He describes a way of living with the moment that is captured in his photographs. This is entirely consistent with his work, in which he tells us more about himself than the subject. More to the point, Joel Meyerowitz is the subject. He says this:

For me, street photography is a place where life is mixing in the public. Everyone’s agreed to be in the public together. And the street photographer can enter that public space as an equal, and find in that space some moments of pure consciousness, of awareness, where whatever you see, you only can see that. Someone standing right next to you might not react at the same moment. And if they did they might make a frame that’s different from your frame. So, it’s a unique experience in the public where your own consciousness, your own aesthetic, can rise up and enliven you.

This is just a small taste of what to expect when listening to Meyerowitz discuss his work. Whenever I feel that my pictures are garbage, or wonder how I could ever be noticed in the sea of photographers, I will come back to his words. Thank you, Sir.